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Album by Therion.
  1. Seven Secrets of the Sphinx
  2. Eternal Return
  3. Enter Vril-Ya
  4. Ship of Luna
  5. The Invincible
  6. Deggial
  7. Emerald Crown
  8. The Flight of the Lord of Flies
  9. Flesh of the Gods
  10. Via Nocturna, Parts 1 & 2
  11. O Fortuna (not on original German version)
    Bonus track on the Irond edition:
  1. Polar Nights (cover of "Polar Nights" by Scorpions)
    Bonus tracks on the Scarecrow Records edition:
  1. Crowning of Atlantis
  2. The Wings of the Hydra (live)
  3. Seawinds
    Bonus tracks on the South Korean edition:
  1. From the Dionysian Days
  2. Seawinds
  3. Crazy Nights
    Bonus tracks on the Japanese edition:
  1. To Mega Therion (live)
  2. The Wings of the Hydra (live)
  3. Black Sun (live)

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