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What I Need

This song is by Theo Bard and appears on the album The Springtime Fool (2012).

In with my heart
Out in my brain
Now I've made a start do I run or remain
Years in my pocket I'll be spending them slow
But which way do I go?
Which way do I go?

Into my lungs
Out in this way
Breathing this wind like a holy man gives praise
Out upon the mountainside a psalm to my soul
This way will I go
This way will I go

In for today
Out for tonight
My fingers making moments that are time's own delight
Pour for me my destiny, I'll drink it deep down low
And that is all I know
That is all I know

In with my brain
Out with my heart
A pauper sits in rags making miracles in art
Colours made from tears all as salty as the sea
And this I cannot be
This I cannot be

In with the sun
Out with the tide
The heavens all a-gallop and we saddle up and ride
Swollen moon beneath us, up on phoebus' winged steed
Oh it's what I need
Oh it's what I need

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