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​The Springtime Fool

This song is by Theo Bard and appears on the album The Springtime Fool (2012).

When courage comes and what's said is done, and words return to me
When fear has fled and pain is dead, and the mirror shows not
What I want to see
When honesty holds and the lies will unfold,
Knowledge belongs to the bright and the bold,
Whispering innocent words into cynical ears...

Then perhaps I'll be ready to love,
Then perhaps I'll be ready to love again

When married couples come to me denying all compromise
When new-found lovers in ecstacy extinguish the jealousy in their eyes
When those who admire can admire with no shame
And even the spurned bare their souls all the same
Speaking in languages they never realised they knew...

Then perhaps...

When every man alone can stand, yet know they must not do
When women flee and sing so free, they're spinning in circles their
Whole lives through
When children play in the streets where they may
Careless of time, direction or day
Lost in a moment, engrossed in discoveries new

Then perhaps...

When old companions leave my side in search of worlds anew
When old companions join my side and tell me of beauteous people they knew
When no companion's companion enough
And strangers around me astound me with love
When people within me are with me without being there...

Then perhaps...

When time has come and told to me its rambling verse in twos
And seasons turned and taught to me the follies of fortunes I win or I lose
The fool will find me in sunlight of spring
With mischievous rhymes in the lines that he'll sing
Asking me questions forgetting to mention his name...

And perhaps I'll be ready to love,
And perhaps I'll be ready to love again.