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Peace, My Mind

This song is by Theo Bard and appears on the album The Springtime Fool (2012).

Peace, my mind, in the park I may find
As I drink from the orange bowl, and oh does it send my yellow soul
Out of the trees and tipis, weeping willows, pillows on lines billow
Out of the window sills, over sleepy people, mellow beats they spill oh

Walking the warm streets slow. now the place I go is home
And I go on roads I know, so don't be a bossy so-and-so

Peace, my mind, myheart is still blind
But this summer haze will fade, and I'll find the clarity I crave
Into the wintry shivers, shimmering rivers bring me quaking quivers
Into the nights of darkness when the park is just a dance for chancers

Up into my room. that bare unfettered floor
Brings me to my words, multiplying ever more
And the skies arise and fall around me, bring me to my bed
With every note resounding into dreams inside my head

'Cause I'm walking the warm streets slow...

Peace, my mind, I'm being cool to be kind
I rest my feet upon this sound, and as I ride it will resound
Past all the faceless figures, the sneers and sniggers lonely life delivers
My mind will reconfigure, and deliver brand new skill and rigour

Walking slowly home...

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