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Married By The Sea

This song is by Theo Bard and appears on the album The Springtime Fool (2012).

I dreamed last night I saw you with roses in your hair
A crown of thorns and flowers brought many eyes to stare
Then I saw a groom all dressed in white, I could not see his face
And I had come to see you married by the sea

The sun it rose so yellow like buttercups in bloom
Wild flowers on the meadow give a scent of sweet perfume
And I had been the country's length to see you give your hand
Travelling to see you married by the sea

Your father and your mother were dressed in clothes so fine
Your sister and your brother were drinking red red wine
And the chapel's walls with a roof of sky held us all inside
Clamouring to see you married by the sea

The sea was like a mirror and brimming was the tide
And seals raised their glistening heads to look with lonesome eyes
To look upon the summer sight of feast and dance so free
You didn't dance with me when you were married by the sea

Your eyes were green and wild like forest in the glen
Your smile it shone like mackerel we took and took again
And as the vows they passed your lips, my stomach turned to stone
For I'd thought it might be me you married by the sea

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