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​Born In London Town

This song is by Theo Bard and appears on the album The Springtime Fool (2012).

Well I've seen a million cars go by on thousands of our streets
I've missed a million people's eyes, they look down at my feet
Sang with millionaires and beggars, sang in every season's weathers
So I know the season's fashions, and their fashion is to change

I've seen 14 bedroom houses, I've seen babes share beds with spouses
I've seen opium and cocaine taken long before midday
And inside the concrete walls bed the bankers. bards and whores
Living worlds apart, with inches in between

I was born in london town
Made my mark on the concrete, my name on the ground
And I know these old streets like the back of my hand
But I've never been here before

Well in these streets I've learnt and grown. but these streets are not my own
For who could lay a claim to the organs of a beast?
And all these people I have known. still living life alone,
My feet pounding out that steady path to peace

I was born...

If the time comes to be free, if I can't find the space to breathe
I'll let the city slip behind me into grey
Give up the places that I love, for some sunny sky above
But wherever my feet take me I can't leave...

I was born in london town
Made my mark on the concrete. my name on the ground
And I walk these old streets with no one by my side
Still looking for the man I am inside.