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I Have My Hands in Pockets That Don't Exist

This song is by Their Teeth Will Be of Lions and appears on the album True Stories Are Harder to Make Up (2010).

We came off these god-damn boats one by one
One by one, one by one
Yesterday melts around my feet
Then today will be tomorrow too quickly
We dug the graves of the young and weak
We dug from dusk until, well, dusk
We fallen will continue to fight
To take our little broken lives back
Our jaws are sore from screaming in the night
Our jaws are sore from screaming
Our eyes are bloodshot
From keeping them open for twenty-four days
With no sleep
We had no sleep, there's no sleep
Our bellies are empty
In fear of the poison
Our faces are shadowed
By the stubble that forms around our features
We will never eat
We will never sleep
For this is the day
For this is the twenty-fifth day
The day that God made war
The day of fear, filth, and freedom
But we will overcome, we will overcome
We will overcome, we'll always overcome
(We will overcome)
(We will overcome)

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