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When The Wolves Cry

This song is by Theatres des Vampires and appears on the album The Vampire Chronicles (1999) and on the album The (Un)Official History 1993-2003 (2003).

The eyes in the dark when the sky is red
The howling wind when the rain fall on the Earth

A moonspell broken
Blood of my bride
Terror in the night
When the wolves cry

Per Adonai Elohim, Adonai Jehova, Adonai Sabaoth, Metatron on Agla, Adonai Mathum, Verbum
Pythonicum, mysterium salamandrae, conventus sylphorum, antras gnomorum daemonie
Coeli, Gad, Almousin, Gibor, Jehosua, Evam, Zariatnatmik
Veni, veni, veni Satana

Take your cross when the sky turns black because the vampires come out from their biers

The forest breathes this enchanted atmosphere
Mother of suffering, mother of Evil, mother of all dark creatures