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Lilith's Child

This song is by Theatres des Vampires and appears on the album Bloody Lunatic Asylum (2001).

(French words taken from "Le revenant",Charles Baudelaire)

You are the Lilith child born by a sacrifice
Under a fullmoon, rites of black masses
The purity of the sin will show out
When the Antichrist's Advent will be near
The mark of the Beast will be imprinted on us

Everyone will become its children in his kingdom of darkness
He will hammer the thorns of the crown in the skull of Christ
And the blood of God will come again and for the last time spilled
Before falling in the dominion of Lilith's child

Caput mortum, signo Lilitu, impereti tibi! Sanguis vita! Sigillum Lilitu!
In nomine mater nostri Lilitu regina immortalis humana nocturna!

The wolves celebrate your birth, rise from Hell, rise!
Slaughter of Christians, snatch their hearts!
Burn their bodies on the crosses!
Sodomize their brides!Impale the priests holocaust!Holocaust!

"Comme les anges à l'oeil fauve,
Je reviendrai dans ton alcôve
Et vers toi glisserai sans bruit
Avec les ombres de la nuit;
Et je te donnerai
Des baisers froids comme la lune
Et des caresses de serpent
Autour d'une fosse rampant."

You are the Lilith child born by a sacrifice
Under a fullmoon your revenge will be completed!

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