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Dances With Satan

This song is by Theatres des Vampires and appears on the album Bloody Lunatic Asylum (2001).

(Some words are taken from "Spirit of the dead", Edgar Allan Poe.This song may talk about the sabbaths taking place at the Middle-Age.The poor people were taking drugs to forget their life, and then were gathering in the forests for the sabbaths.The drugs were creating illusions in which people believed Satan was with them.The people then organized black ceremonies only to make fun of the Church;ceremonies where they were laughing and forgetting their lives of misery.But when the drugs effects were downing, the people went back to their poor life and then were arrested and tortured by the Church...)

Dances with Satan into the pentagram
Drink the blood of virgins, rape a nun on the altar
Your mind out of control!
Enchanted from this macabre atmosphere
Body in the cell, mind in other dimension

Dances, dances, dances with Satan!

Dances with Satan in the burning church
Suck the essence of the black priest
Crucify a priest, spit on his face, set on fire his body
Enchanted from this unholy visions
Body in agony on the bed, pulsing brain!

Dances, dances, dances with Satan!

"Now are thoughts thou shalt not banish,
Now are visions ne'er to vanish;
From thy spirit shall they pass
No more, like dew-drop from the grass."

Quis furabit librum istum
Non videbit Jesum Christum sed descendent in Infernum
Ad paenandum in aeternum
In societaete diabularum per infinita saecolorum

Lucifer, Pape Satan, Pater, Filius et Spiritus Trinitas universi
Rex, imperator, deus Infernorum!

Laudate patri nostri!
Ave Satani!

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