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Album by Thea Gilmore.
  1. Generation Y?
  2. The Resurrection Men
  3. See If They Applaud
  4. Forgotten
  5. Exit Route
  6. My Own Private Riot
  7. Edge Of My Seat
  8. Bulletin Britain
  9. Night Driving
  10. Lidocaine Baby
  11. Land Of The Free
  12. My Beautiful Defence


  • Thea Gilmore: lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, cimbala
  • Nigel Stonier: acoustic guitar, piano, mandolin, electric guitar, backing vocals
  • Chris Sheen: lead and backing electric guitars
  • Rod Clements: bass guitar, electric slide
  • Jonny Bridgewood: double bass
  • Dave Munch Moore: Hammond organ, Wurlitzer piano, clavinet
  • Roy Martin: drums, percussion
  • Paul Burgess: drums, percussion
  • Ewan Davies: kalimba, programming

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