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Album by Thea Gilmore.
  1. Apparition No. 12
  2. Holding Your Hand
  3. This Girl Is Taking Bets
  4. Saviours And All
  5. St Luke's Summer
  6. The Things We Never Said
  7. Seen It All Before
  8. Benzedrine
  9. Movie Kisses
  10. Take Me Home
  11. Keep Up
  12. Saying Nothing
  13. Inverigo
  14. Fever Beats


  • Thea Gilmore: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, kalimba, voice
  • Nigel Stonier: acoustic and electric guitars, bass, piano, organ, harmonica, voice
  • Robbie McIntosh: electric guitars, acoustic slide, voice
  • Ian Thomas: drums, percussion, griddle pan
  • Oliver Kraus: cello
  • David Coulter: saw, tenor banjo, q-chord, slide didgeridoo, jaw harp, accordion
  • Dave Munch Moore: organ, harpsichord
  • Ewan Davies: percussion, organ, blue tube, finger cymbals, voice
  • Freyja Gilmore: voice
  • Will Bartle: voice, cymbal
  • Sarah Jane Morris: voice
  • Steve Menzies: voice

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