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Album by Thea Gilmore.
  1. Old Soul
  2. Black Letter
  3. Dance In New York
  4. Rosie
  5. Roll On
  6. Icarus Wind
  7. The Wrong Side
  8. Slow Journey
  9. And You Shall Know No Other God But Me
  10. When I Get Back To Shore
  11. Breathe
  12. The Lower Road
  13. You Spin Me Right Round (bonus track)


  • Thea Gilmore: vocals, guitar, dobro
  • Nigel Stonier: vocals, piano, Mellotron strings, ukelele, acoustic bass, harmonica, dulcimer, mandolin, bass, chimney hood, percussion, harmonium, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, melodica
  • Laura Reed: cello
  • Jo Wadeson: bass
  • Roy Martin: drums
  • Mike Cave: drums, percussion, cymbals
  • John Kirkpatrick: accordion
  • James Hallawell: organs
  • Ian Thomson: bass, upright bass
  • Steve Wickham: Fiddle
  • Jordan Oldfield: chorus vocals (on When I Get Back To Shore)
  • Kelly Rogerson: chorus vocals (on When I Get Back To Shore)
  • Dave McCabe: duet vocals (on Old Soul)
  • Joan Baez: duet vocals (on The Lower Road)
  • Erin Mckeown: backing vocals (on Roll On)

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