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Album by Thea Gilmore.
  1. The Gambler
  2. Everybody's Numb
  3. Red White And Black
  4. Call Me Your Darling
  5. We Built A Monster
  6. The List
  7. Going Down
  8. Whistle And Steam
  9. Cheap Tricks
  10. Contessa
  11. Slow Journey II
  12. Play Until The Bottle's Gone (hidden track)


  • Thea Gilmore: lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonium
  • Nigel Stonier: electric guitar, Wurlitzer piano, acouostic guitar, harmonium, bass pedals, Hammond organ, dulcimer, ukelele
  • Jim Kirkpatrick: electric guitar, backing vocals, dobro
  • Eric Roscoe Ambel: electric guitar, harmonium
  • Steve Evans: electric guitar, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer piano
  • James Hallawell: Hammond organ
  • Jo Wadeson: bass
  • Paul Beavis: drums, percussion
  • John Tonks: drums, percussion
  • Dave Hull Denholm: acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Ewan Davies: programming, electric guitar, percussion
  • Ian Thomson: bass
  • Kathryn Williams: backing vocals
  • Mary Lee Kortez: backing vocals
  • Laura Reed: cello

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