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This song is by Thea Gilmore and appears on the album Songs From The Gutter (2002).

Beelzebub, I can see you again
Like I could back when I was with him
When too many suns were in orbit around you

Beelzebub, you know I was only dreaming
So why am I frowning now, then?
Maybe his suns disconnected one by one

Oh, she’s searchin’ round the line again
Oh, she should have taken the fate again
Oh, you know that you’re just what he’s been waiting for

Beelzebub, it’s time to ring the bell again
Fought with the road to the south wind
And I brought a light in his dark room
And it’s more than his cold hand can feel
So someone invent a water-tight seal
So he won’t see the tears
So he won’t see the tears
So he won’t see the tears

Written by:

Thea Gilmore

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