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Metaphysical Solipsism

This song is by The Zenith Passage and appears on the album Solipsist (2016).

Perpetual anamolies slowly slipping into comprehension.
Senses heightened; mental state is elevated through perception
I will uphold the images that contain the utmost clarity within.
Gazing through the diluted and convoluted; while accessing specific neural figures.
Complexity of the mind is a constructed canvas
Peering into the individual thought patterns
Wandering through the convoluted reality
Endless vastness of unbounded knowledge encased in the mind
There is not a universal truth constructing reality
Customary fallacies terminated
Physical illusions permeated
I am my own entity, my own enigma
I am my own god of my own universal plane
Ordained within arcane
Existence operating separately, independently, ostensibly within me absent, casted out of an individual sensibility
Metaphysical Solipsism