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Rack My Mind

This song is by The Yardbirds and appears…

Baby I got a problem
Don't know what to do
Baby I got a problem
I don't know what to do
Can't find the words to describe you, woman
None I got will do

I gonna search a dictionary
I find new words to use
Gonna search a dictionary
Find new words to use
Woman you defy me
Ain't no words to choose

Baby I'm rackin' my mind
Baby I'm rackin' my mind
Now I can't find
Baby rackin' my mind
I can't find
Any words

Tell me woman
Got a hold on my mind
My, my, my, my, my, mind
You sure are the strangest kind
Got no words for you baby
Ain't no words I can find

Now I know what to call you
Know what to call you, baby
I know what to call you
Know what to call you
You're the world's worst woman
The devil ever made

Now I know you, baby
Now I know you, girl
Now I know you, baby
You'll find no new guy
I know baby
I sure ain't blind

Written by:

Chris Dreja / Jim McCarty / Jeff Beck / Keith Relf / Paul Samwell-Smith

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