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When The Ink Leaves Your Fists

This song is by The Wrong Side and appears on the album Wrong Side Of The Grave (2004).

I've watched them come and I've watched them go
Some to the bottle, some to shit up their nose.
I've stayed the same, I know what I believe
What's nothing to them is everything to me.

Your fucking mind might change
I've given my heart to this.
Two words that stay with me
When the ink leaves your fists.

Tell me I'll change, "no one stays the same"
I've heard it before from a thousand names.
The best and sharpest all went away
I guess they just weren't as sharp as they claim.
I've kept my head down out of sadness not shame
I care about my friends and not who knows my name.
But some friends leave as soon as they change
I know the K.O.S.T. but I've still stayed the same.

Two words...

Straight fucking edge