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Facing Up

This song is by The Wrong Side and appears on the album Wrong Side Of The Grave (2004).

I've heard it before so take your best shot
It's all ups and downs trying to reach the top
You think you know what my life's about
But I'm not being negative I'm just facing up.

There's more downs than ups, you have to realize
I don't have a plan I just try to live my life
It's hard to get by with people knocking you down
Sometimes you just gotta wear that frown
It's not being negative when it's the truth
No one has a plan, no one's looking out for you
I'm not saying give up, that's just how it is
But it's not my job to make the bad positive.

You rise and you fall,
And then you fall some more
Pick yourself back up, go back for more
I learned it from life
Didn't learn it from you
Just because I don't show it doesn't mean that I'm through

You'll never know what my life's about
'Cause when I'm down you think I'm out

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