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Doomed To Ignominy

This song is by The Wrath Of Vesuvius.

An assortment of greed, lies, and hate have filled the platter and are being indulged with an envious spoon, wanting to want, striding to portray a presentable number
Force-feed the putrid bile that's been heaved from their mouths
Heave the faith, spit useless integrity into the eyes of the arrogant wasteful man
Reoccurring impulses to stuff the hole with maggots to feed off the constant shit spewing from the mouths
Spewing shit from their mouths
Lets set the stage for a narcissistic auditorium
Gloating in preferable passion and all that's been done
Worthless adversaries portending the coward of a man
Originality amounts to the very dirt they'll all be soiled beneath
Every word muttered from the cankerous whore will be returned with repeated lashings till it rips to the bone
All in all, is one is none, even in the image of the bastard son
Immortality wouldn't suffice under the wing of the Narcissist himself
The creator of hate, the narcissist himself
The creator of greed, lies, and poverty
From roots below to extremities within, it's all animalistic
Defense mechanisms, survival of the fittest, it's all animalistic
Leaving lives hanging in a balance with ambiguous futures
We are not the creation, we are victims of the created
Soon to see that we are the thieves fulfilling the prophecy in which is believed
Idolatrous martyrs deny the truth of the non existent
Propagandized for their comfort
Wide spread scriptures console the masses
The hell that bore within which nothing can destroy
We are doomed to ignominy and death

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