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Descendants Of The Fallen Star

This song is by The Wrath Of Vesuvius.

Hold the scoundrel right before me. Hold the scoundrel right before me. So I can see his eyes burst to flames as he's burnt at the stake. The darkness being spread amongst the common people is the fear that the reciprocal of salvation has emerged. The child of scorn has been born to summon the forces of darkness. Darkness! To summon the forces of darkness. This ruse that's been placed upon our realm, will be retaliated with contemptuous iniquity. This craven society has outcasted us, has spurned our beliefs for being one with the dead. A force beyond your will has been awakened. The beast that has longed to engulf mankind. The poison that lingers it's indulgence in front of plain view eyes, in a future scale, is the question for generations to come. Your actions are malign to your soul. As I burst into flames, I'll take you all with me.

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