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Ich Erinnere Mich an die Weimarer Republik

This song is by The World/Inferno Friendship Society and appears on the album Addicted to Bad Ideas (2007).

Pirate Jenny she got her revenge
Hey boys hats off to her
Sally Bowles she got her man
And he got really hurt.

Me and my friends had some good ideas
But I swear that town got so damn weird.
I got out alive in '35
I don't think I'll ever go back
But I remember...

Pirate Jenny let me off the hook
For one drink I bought for her.
And Sally Bowles used to
Look at me and sigh,
"If you weren't so poor..."
It ain't no thing about the promise ring
And socialists are so boring.
Just a bunch of bullies
That I can't stand
They got elected into office by... well, you.

Pirate Jenny she bought the bar
Now everybody works for her.
And Sally Bowles "Mein Herr" bit took off
And she's a star.
But the Bully Boys start sitting up in the front
And the doorman's taking tips
And suggestions.
I'm getting in fights
In the places I used to play,
It's like walking through a mine field every day.

"I'm a fag, I'm a Jew, how do you do?
That's Mister Anarchist to you.
You think your scene's dead?
Well mine got killed
By some dimwit's Triumph of the Will.
From the all-ages shows,
To the full wet bars,
To the front line squats of the culture wars,
I'm not gonna hit you with the dogma
Or the lecturing,
This is a purely personal thing."

You see, Pirate Jenny
Didn't have no friends when those bulls
They came for her.
And Sally Bowle's man
He got pushed up against the wall.
Now every time I see a Swiss bank I spit.
You say "resist control"?
Well, I mean it.
Cause it was come as you are
In the cattle cars
And not a damn thing you can do about it.
'Cept remember!