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Donation (3:55)

This song is by The Wonder Stuff and appears on the album Never Loved Elvis (1991).

Make the call,
Make the call now,
Make your donation,
To the breath of a sighing nation.
Here's my reaction,
To the smell of stale sweat,
At the back of a railway station,
Here's my donation,
To the flow of a dying nation.
It's ugly and it's desperate, no,
It's deserving of it's rot,
Seperate those who have and have not.
Get religion, join the church,
Get religion, join the church,
Make your donation,
Have a care,
Baldness is under everybody's hair.
Read all the leaflets,
Fill the envelopes that fall through your door,
Empty your pockets,
Patronize, sympathize with the poor.
Jesus loves you,
More than I do.

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