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The Icknield Way Is Dripping With The Juice Of Our Marrow-Bones

This song is by The Wolves Of Avalon and appears on the album Boudicca's Last Stand (2014).

Kill, wasting away
Kill, daylight blighted
Kill, harrowing chaos
Kill, at the stroke of death
Kill, where time stands still
Kill, a clash of steel
Kill, pale as ash
Kill, to the hallow's end

Kill, gaping mouths
Kill, slow mutilation
Kill, strangers dying
Kill, our lives cut down
Burn, bleeding cinders
Burn, rancid flesh
Burn, red londinium
Burn, lost ninth legion

At the feast of Beltain
The dead are cast
Into the caverns of silence,
To become
Bloodless shades of the past,
To roam the pathless depths,
Until all the world
Falls dead.

Kill, devouring flames
Kill, death's dominions
Kill, crowned with gore
Kill, skinned alive
Kill, festering hatred
Kill, at the end of a rope
Kill, wolves of Avalon
Kill, sweet bitter end

Kill, Pagan holocaust
Kill, life ebbs away
Kill, we fade to nothing
Kill, this is the end
Kill, there's no turning back
Kill, dark-mist shrouds
Kill, reek of spite
Kill, in a ring of stones

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