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​Lost Gods We Call On You

This song is by The Wolves Of Avalon and appears on the album Carrion Crows Over Camlan (2011).

Taranis arise
Camulus arise
Cernenos arise
Barinthus arise

Lost Gods awake
Here us, we call on you
Lost Gods awake
Here us, we call on you

Branwen arise
Belinano annoan agorn adas

Belatucadros arise
Arawen aris
Govannon arise
Morrigan arise
Teutates arise
Wayland arise

Lost Gods Arise
Here us, we call on you

We stand as one, Against the tide, of Irish raiders,
And pictland tribes,
We stand as one, With pagan pride
Against the Sais, and Germanic Gods,
We stand as one, to spit on the cross
To hunt the Jute and angle scum
We stand as one, against the Christ, the plague of Rome
A cancer among us

Lost Gods we call on you

The gods will die only when we forget, in times gathering dust
Our ancient remains shall call out and say, in you alone we trust

Gods we call on you once again, to rid our land of our foe,
To remind us once more of our blood, our might
Of our ancestors long ago