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Britain Is Fallen

This song is by The Wolves Of Avalon and appears on the album Carrion Crows Over Camlan (2011).

The bards shall sing of deeds long done
Of fallen wolves of Avalon
The bards shall sing of broken blades
Great tales of glory never to fade.
They shall say of Arthur,
And his warrior band
To a man they fell
At cold Camlan
Twas long ago
These deeds were done
Let us never forget
What we have become.

The bards shall sing when death prevailed.
When warriors clad in legionary mail,
Did face the beast across the sea
The horde of death and slavery
But British steel
And a will to be free
For outlaws from hell,
Together were we
All battle scarred
We wolves of war
Free like the raven
Wild as the boar

This land may fall, its enemies may reign
But we shall never kneel, we shall never be chained.
For this is our British soil, and we shall defend it till the end.

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