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The Foggy Dew (1965)Edit

Wolfe Tones - The Foggy Dew
The Foggy Dew
  1. The Singing Bird
  2. Down in the Mines
  3. Dicey Reilly
  4. The Galway Races
  5. The Louse House in Kilkenny
  6. The Diamond
  7. Zoological Gardens
  8. The Foggy Dew
  9. The Peeler and the Goat
  10. The Sash
  11. The Limerick Rake
  12. Come All ye Dry Land Sailors
  13. Follow Me up to Carlow
  14. Glenswilly
  15. The Boys of Wexford
  16. Roisin Dubh

The Rights of Man (1968)Edit

Wolfe Tones - The Rights of Man
The Rights of Man
  1. The Rights of Man
  2. Raynard the Fox
  3. Long Black Veil
  4. Up the Border
  5. A Rover
  6. Ode to Biddy McGee
  7. Wrap the Green Flag Round Me
  8. Enniskillen Fusilier
  9. Treat Me Daughter Kindly
  10. Four Strong Winds
  11. Banks of the Sweet Smirla Side
  12. Lagan Love

Rifles of the IRA (1969)Edit

Wolfe Tones - Rifles of the IRA
Rifles of the IRA
  1. Slievenamon
  2. A Row in the Town (Erin Go Brath)
  3. God Save Ireland
  4. The Sun is Burning
  5. Big Strong Man
  6. In Garran na Bhile
  7. Four Seasons
  8. Rifles of the I.R.A.
  9. Skibbereen
  10. Sweet Carnlough Bay
  11. Ships in Full Sail
  12. Sean Tracy
  13. Holy Ground
  14. Uncle Nobby's Steamboat

Let the People Sing (1972)Edit

Wolfe Tones - Let the People Sing
Let the People Sing
  1. The Snowy-Breasted Pearl
  2. Sean South of Garryowen
  3. Twice Daily
  4. James Connolly
  5. Don't Stop Me Now
  6. Táim in Arréars
  7. Come Out Ye Black & Tans
  8. On the One Road
  9. The Men Behind the Wire
  10. For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name
  11. Paddy Lie Back
  12. The First of May
  13. Long Kesh
  14. A Nation Once Again

Till Ireland a Nation (1974)Edit

Wolfe Tones - Till Ireland a Nation
Till Ireland a Nation
  1. Highland Paddy
  2. Travelling Doctor's Shop
  3. My Green Valleys
  4. The Boys of the Old Brigade
  5. Children of Fear
  6. The Boys of Fair Hill
  7. Bodenstown Churchyard
  8. The Grandfather
  9. The Blackbird of Sweet Avondale
  10. The Broad Black Brimmer
  11. Laugh and the World Laughs With You
  12. A Soldier's Life
  13. Give Me Your Hand
  14. Must Ireland Divided Be
  15. Ireland Over-All

Irish to the Core (1976)Edit

Wolfe Tones - Irish to the Core
Irish to the Core
  1. Botany Bay
  2. The Water Is Wide
  3. The Irish Brigade
  4. Grain Waile
  5. Whelan's Frolics
  6. The Night Before Larry Was Stretched
  7. Fiddlers Green
  8. Vale of Avoca
  9. The Limerick Races
  10. The Jackets Green
  11. Cook in the Kitchen and the Rambling Pitchfork
  12. Kevin Barry
  13. Rock on Rockall

Across the Broad Atlantic (1976)Edit

Wolfe Tones - Across the Broad Atlantic
Across the Broad Atlantic
  1. The Rambling Irishman
  2. The Great Hunger
  3. Many Young Men of Twenty
  4. Sweet Tralee
  5. Shores of America
  6. Dream of Liberty
  7. Paddy on the Railway
  8. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
  9. Goodbye Mick
  10. Spancil Hill
  11. The Fighting 69th
  12. The Boston Burglar
  13. Farewell to Dublin

Belt of the Celts (1978)Edit

Wolfe Tones - Belt of the Celts
Belt of the Celts
  1. Misty Foggy Dew
  2. Quare Things in Dublin
  3. The Fairy Hills
  4. Connaught Rangers
  5. Bold Robert Emmet
  6. The Hare in the Heather
  7. Tá Na Lá
  8. Some Say the Devil Is Dead
  9. General Munroe
  10. Hurlers March
  11. The West's Asleep
  12. The Boys of Barr Na Sráide
  13. The Rose of Mooncoin
  14. Rory O'Moore

Spirit of the Nation (1981)Edit

Wolfe Tones - Spirit Of The Nation
Spirit of the Nation
  1. Dingle Bay
  2. No Irish Need Apply
  3. Down by the Glenside
  4. Bold Fenian Men
  5. Paddle Your Own Canoe
  6. Padraic Pearse
  7. The Lough Sheelin Eviction
  8. Song of the Celts
  9. Butterfly
  10. Protestant Men
  11. Only Our Rivers Run Free
  12. Saint Patrick Was a Gentleman
  13. Ireland Unfree
  14. Carolan's Concerto
  15. Streets of New York

A Sense of Freedom (1983)Edit

Wolfe Tones - A Sense of Freedom
A Sense of Freedom
  1. Merman
  2. Sergeant William Bailey
  3. Farewell to Dublin
  4. Admiral William Brown
  5. Catalpa
  6. Irish Eyes
  7. Flower of Scotland
  8. Michael Collins
  9. Slainte Don a Baird (Health to the Bards)/Cailin O Chois TSiuire ME/Planxty McGuire
  10. Galtee Mountain Boy
  11. The Piper That Played Before Moses
  12. Let the People Sing
  13. Joe McDonnell

Greatest Hits (1986)Edit

Wolfe Tones - Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits
  1. My Heart Is in Ireland
  2. The Streets of New York
  3. Dreams of Home
  4. Only Our Rivers Run Free
  5. Quare Things in Dublin
  6. Padraic Pearse
  7. On the One Road
  8. God Save Ireland
  9. Irish Eyes
  10. Song of Liberty
  11. Uncle Nobby's Steamboat
  12. Spancil Hill
  13. Paddle Your Canoe
  14. Some Say the Devil Is Dead
  15. Let the People Sing
  16. A Nation Once Again

25th Anniversary (1989)Edit

Wolfe Tones - 25th Anniversary
25th Anniversary
Disc 1
  1. Celtic Symphony
  2. The Merry Ploughboy
  3. Women of Ireland
  4. Rock on Rockall
  5. The Foggy Dew
  6. James Connolly
  7. The Man From Mullingar
  8. Flow Liffey Waters
  9. First of May
  10. The Piper That Played Before Moses
  11. Janie Mac I'm Nearly Forty
  12. Give Me Your Hand
  13. The Boys of the Old Brigade
  14. Dingle Bay
  15. The Big Strong Man
  16. Monsignor Horan
Disc 2
  1. Boston Rose
  2. The Zoological Gardens
  3. The Broad Black Brimmer
  4. Newgrange (Brú Na Bóinne)
  5. Treat Me Daughter Kindly
  6. Come Out Ye Black and Tans
  7. Slieve Na Mban
  8. Far Away in Australia
  9. Goodbye
  10. Helicopter Song
  11. An Dórd Feinne (Óro Sé Do Bheatha Abhaile)
  12. The Merman
  13. The Teddy Bear's Head
  14. Banna Strand
  15. Many Young Men of Twenty
  16. The West's Awake

Sing Out for Ireland (1993)Edit

Wolfe Tones - Sing Out for Ireland
Sing Out for Ireland
  1. Flight of Earls
  2. Croppy Boy
  3. Impartial Police Force
  4. Janey Mac I'm Nearly 40
  5. Carolan's Favourite
  6. Guilford 4
  7. Annabell
  8. St. Patrick's Day
  9. Radio Toor-I-Li-Ay
  10. Paddy's Night Out
  11. Great Fenian Ram
  12. Bonny Mary of Argyle
  13. Gra Mo Chrol
  14. Kiss the Ould Mother, Hug the Old Man
  15. Soldier's Song

Soldier's Song

You'll Never Beat the Irish (2001)Edit

Wolfe Tones - You'll Never Beat The Irish
You'll Never Beat The Irish
  1. You'll Never Beat the Irish, Part 1
  2. The Crossing
  3. The Rebel
  4. In Belfast
  5. Chicago
  6. We are the Irish
  7. United Men
  8. Ireland My Ireland
  9. Halloween
  10. Grace
  11. Great Fenian Ram
  12. Thank God for America
  13. Celtic Dreams
  14. You'll Never Beat the Irish, Part 2

The Troubles (2004)Edit

Wolfe Tones - The Troubles
The Troubles
Disc 1
  1. This Is the Day
  2. The Patriot Game
  3. The Song of Partition
  4. Children of Fear
  5. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  6. Plastic Bullets
  7. The Men Behind the Wire
  8. The Lough Sheelin Eviction
  9. Go on Home British Soldiers
  10. Danny Boy (The Derry Air)
  11. Star of the County Down
  12. In Belfast
  13. Up the Border
  14. The Green Glens of Antrim
  15. The Old Orange Flute
  16. The Old Brigade Dance Medley: The Old Brigade / on the One Road / the Broad Black Brimmer / Celtic Symphony
Disc 2
  1. Lament for the Lost
  2. We Shall Overcome
  3. You'll Never Beat the Irish, Part Iii
  4. Tyrone
  5. Must Ireland Divided Be
  6. Song of Liberty
  7. The Orange and the Green
  8. Long Kesh
  9. The Sash Me Father Wore
  10. Fermanagh Love Song
  11. Hills of Glenswilly
  12. Joe Mcdonnell
  13. County of Armagh
  14. Guildford Four
  15. Billy Reid
  16. Up the Rebels Dance Meledy: Teddy Bears Head / Helicopter Song / Sean South / a Nation Once Again

Rebels and Heroes (2004)Edit

Rebels And Heroes
Rebels And Heroes
Disc One
  1. A Nation Once Again
  2. You'll Never Beat the Irish, Part 1
  3. Bodenstown Churchyard
  4. Bold Robert Emmet
  5. The Protestant Men
  6. Women of Ireland
  7. The Boys of the Old Brigade
  8. The Rebel
  9. Kevin Barry
  10. A Gra Mo Chroi
  11. The Teddy Bear's Head
  12. Only Our Rivers Run Free
  13. Some Say the Devil Is Dead
  14. United Men
  15. Highland Paddy
  16. They Don't Play Our Songs on the Radio
Disc Two
  1. You'll Never Beat the Irish, part 2
  2. The West Awake
  3. God Save Ireland
  4. Soldiers Return
  5. The Connaught Rangers
  6. Come Out Ye Black and Tans
  7. Ireland My Ireland
  8. Padraic Pearse
  9. Ireland Unfree
  10. Sean South - Broad Black Brimmer
  11. Grace
  12. The Grandfather
  13. In Belfast
  14. Down by the Glenside
  15. The Helicopter Song
  16. Joe McDonnell

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. A Soldier's Song
  2. A Soldiers Return
  3. A Soldiers Song (Irish National Anthem English Version)
  4. A Soldiers Song(Irish National Anthem Irish Version)
  5. Bobby Sands
  6. Boys of Fairhill
  7. Fields of Athenrye
  8. Here Lies a Soldier
  9. Soldier
  10. The Firey Furnaces
  11. Trisha
  12. Will You Stand?

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