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Sorrow's Anthem

This song is by The Wildweeds.

Grandmother sits in her rocking chair
Life gone by her, nobody cares
And the boy sits on the tavern floor
Got much more than he bargained for
He fades away
She sees him leaving
But he's cheating
Dances on the ceiling
And the doctor waits for the pills to save
Loses mother half to the grave
And that's called sorrow's anthem
The sermon said you might as well be dead
I said why when there's so much to live for
It said beware the end is round the bend
I said be sure that it's yourself that you're speakin' for
Words of hate cling to the mind
Shows the haters not the lovin' kind
And the sun sets
In the green filled glen
But it may never see the sun again
And that's called sorrow's anthem

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