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S. I. N. (In Sin)

This song is by The Wildhearts.

hey, I could be (tired, white a-my) skin is a nigger inside
hey, look at my face, how I don't change in a satisfied grace
yeah, (two can be elected, saying on a one thing, getting just a-friendly)
yeah, working on a system, winning and the chance is you already missed 'em

no-none trust me, it's tough, (...)
he's about, hate me, insane, (it's the)

non-stop S.I.N. (x4)

hey, look at me now, check out my form and (I'll be a-right out)
hey, feeling undone, chip away envy, you're working (on one)
yeah, you could be a something, busy doing nothing, what the fuck you learning?
yeah, get yourself a brain (there), you could be a (scene-head), you could be a (scientist)

(once a seeing), no prob. being, (.. ..) welcome (..)

non-stop S.I.N. (x8)

you could be insane, stupidly to win, or you could fit right in, like everybody else

(hah, I even got the words wrong..) (shh..)
(i can get the... I can get the timing right then..)

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