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One For The Money (1976)Edit

The Whispers - One for the Money

One for the Money

  1. One For The Money
  2. Living Together (In Sin)
  3. Put Me In The News
  4. You're Only As Good As You Think You Are
  5. Sounds Like A Love Song
  6. I've Got A Feeling
  7. In My Heart

Open Up Your Love (1977)Edit

The Whispers - Open up Your Love

Open up Your Love

  1. Make It With You
  2. Chocolate Girl
  3. Love Is A Dream
  4. Open Up Your Love
  5. I Fell In Love Last Night (At The Disco)
  6. You Are Number One
  7. You Never Miss Your Water ('Til Your Well Runs Dry)
  8. I'm Gonna Make You My Wife

Headlights (1978)Edit

The Whispers - Headlights


  1. Headlights
  2. (Olivia) Lost And Turned Out
  3. (Let's Go) All The Way
  4. (You're A) Special Part Of My Life
  5. The Planets Of Life
  6. Try And Make It Better
  7. Disco Melody
  8. Children Of Tomorrow

Whisper In Your Ear (1979)Edit

The Whispers - Whisper In Your Ear

Whisper In Your Ear

  1. Homemade Lovin'
  2. Jump For Joy
  3. If I Don't Get Your Love
  4. Whisper In Your Ear
  5. Love At Its Best
  6. Can't Do Without Love
  7. Pretty Lady
  8. You'll Never Get Away

Happy Holidays To You (1979)Edit

  1. Funky Christmas
  2. This Time Of The Year
  3. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  4. Happy Holidays To You
  5. A Very Special Holiday
  6. This Christmas
  7. The Christmas Song
  8. White Christmas

The Whispers (1979)Edit

The Whispers - And The Beat Goes On

And The Beat Goes On

  1. Song for Donny
  2. My Girl
  3. Lady
  4. Can You Do The Boogie
  5. And The Beat Goes On
  6. I Love You
  7. Out of the Box
  8. Welcome Into My Dream

Imagination (1980)Edit

The Whispers - Imagination


  1. Imagination
  2. It's A Love Thing
  3. Say You (Would Love For Me Too)
  4. Continental Shuffle
  5. I Can Make It Better
  6. Girl I Need You
  7. Up On Soul Train
  8. Fantasy

This Kind Of Lovin' (1981)Edit

The Whispers - This Kind of Lovin'

This Kind of Lovin'

  1. This Kind Of Lovin'
  2. World Of A Thousand Dreams
  3. I'm The One For You
  4. Got To Get Away
  5. I'm Gonna Love You More
  6. Can't Stop Loving You Baby
  7. What Will I Do
  8. The Bright Lights And You Girl

Love Is Where You Find It (1981)Edit

The Whispers - Love Is Where You Find It

Love Is Where You Find It

  1. In The Raw
  2. Turn Me Out
  3. Cruisin'
  4. Emergency
  5. Say Yes
  6. Love Is Where You Find It
  7. Only You
  8. Small Talkin'

Love For Love (1983)Edit

The Whispers - Love for Love

Love for Love

  1. Tonight
  2. Keep On Lovin' Me
  3. Love For Love
  4. This Time
  5. Had It Not Been For You
  6. Try It Again
  7. Do They Turn You On
  8. Keep Your Love Around
  9. Lay It On Me

So Good (1984)Edit

The Whispers - So Good

So Good

  1. Some Kida Lover
  2. Contagious
  3. Sweet Sensation
  4. On Impact
  5. Suddenly
  6. Don't Keep Me Waiting
  7. Are You Going My Way
  8. Never Too Late
  9. So Good

Just Gets Better With Time (1987)Edit

The Whispers - Just Gets Better With Time

Just Gets Better With Time

  1. I Want You
  2. Special F/X
  3. Rock Steady
  4. No Pain, No Gain
  5. In The Mood
  6. Just Gets Better With Time
  7. Love's Calling
  8. Give It To Me

More Of The Night (1990)Edit

The Whispers - More of the Night

More of the Night

  1. More Of The Night
  2. My Heart Your Heart
  3. Mind Blowing
  4. Don't Be Late For Love
  5. You Are The One
  6. Is It Good To You
  7. Innocent
  8. Girl Don't Make Me Wait
  9. Misunderstanding
  10. Forever Lover
  11. Babes
  12. I Want 2B The 1 4U
  13. Help Them See The Light
  14. Innocent (Heat Of The Heat Edit)

Greatest Hits (1997)Edit

The Whispers - Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

  1. One For The Money (Part 1)
  2. Living Together (In Sin)
  3. (Let's Go) All The Way
  4. (Olivia) Lost And Turned Out
  5. And The Beat Goes On
  6. Lady
  7. It's A Love Thing
  8. This Kind Of Lovin'
  9. In The Raw
  10. Tonight
  11. Keep On Lovin' Me
  12. Contagious
  13. Rock Steady
  14. Just Gets Better With Time
  15. Innocent
  16. My Heart Your Heart
  17. Is It Good To You

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. (more information)
  1. A Letter To Myself
  2. As I Sit Here
  3. Can We Talk?
  4. Can't Help But Love You
  5. Digital Dreams
  6. Have You Seen Her
  7. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  8. I Love You Babe
  9. I Only Meant To Wet My Feet
  10. If You Feel Like Coming Home
  11. It Only Hurts For A Little While
  12. Living Together In Sin
  13. Mother For My Children
  14. Olivia (Lost And Turned Out)
  15. One More Chance
  16. Praise His Holy Name
  17. Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong
  18. Somebody Loves You
  19. Soon As I Get Home
  20. Stoned Out Of My Mind
  21. There's A Love For Everyone
  22. Two Occasions
  23. Welcome Into My Dreams
  24. Whip Appeal
  25. You're Making Me High
  26. Your Love Is So Doggone Good

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