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​Sick Of Waiting

This song is by The Wealthy Without.

Alone I pray that this is the last time
That my hope's not in vain and that I'll be alright

You can take this whole world and all it has to give
But what is there to take when it hurts to live

But I'll wait for tomorrow, I'll be okay

I'm sick of waiting for tomorrow
When today is all I need to find
I can't be the only one
Who feels so left behind

But I'll wait for the sun to shine
I don't like this picture of my life black and white

All I have I don't want, what I need I can't get
Well I'm sick of feeling so lost and I'm sick of feeling like this

Screaming in the dark I'm lost and blind
Just waiting for, needing, and hoping for light
Waiting for the next day, maybe then I'll be alright
Or will I be alone once again just like tonight

But I'll wait for tomorrow, I'll be okay
And I'll wait for tomorrow, but all I need is today