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This song is by Винтаж and appears on the album The Jason Wilmot EP (2005) by ​The Wealthy Without and on the album The Wealthy Without EP (2006) by ​The Wealthy Without.

Emmy won't you come home? Your daddy wants to see you, he wants to be with you, with you by his side. He holds your hand as he holds a bottle in the other. It's the drowning of another day of his life.

Emmy wont you run home, your mother wants to hold you. She needs to console you after watching you cry. She'll put her arms around you and say "It'll be better". One generic answer to the cancer she's blind to.

Will you take me to the place where you go, where nobody knows where you're lost and broken. And when you break free from this world that you know, will you let go when the silence has spoken again.

At home no one can hurt you because you're daddy's little angel. But as he strangles you, you think up the part of one more stupid excuse. You said it was your brother, but your brother doesn't hit that hard.

I promise you, when life falls through, there will be no pain where death is gain.

And as he hits you once again will you feel like this is surreal, not wanting tomorrow.
And as you taste the blood that drops from your lips, will you feel the grip of silence's sorrow.