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This song is by The Wannadies and appears on the album The Wannadies (1990).

I wish I'd been a sailor,
Setting sails towards new shores
I woulda been the king of Venice
If it had been my choice

This is no average feeling
Come slowly darling,
Come to me...

Is this heaven on earth, or am I dreaming?
No evil inside
Is this heaven on earth, or am I dreaming?
No evil inside

When I am here with you,
I feel so good
Especially today
I'm caught inside of the dream
Where everything is clean
Floating down the Grand Canal

Under a turquoise sky
I drink my wine
No place for a sordid (?) face
I'm floating down a stream
Together with my queen
I'm caught inside of a dream
Blinded by beauty and my own indolence

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