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​Never Wanna Let You Go

This song is by The Walls Group and appears on the album The Walls Group (2012).

God it's me again
I wanted to let you know
That you're my closest friend.
As I look over my life
I see that it was you
That always stood by my side

And through all the pain
And through all the shame
I find myself running back to you

Never wanna let you go
Never do I wanna see the day
That I can't seek your face
Or fall from your grace
Never wanna say goodbye
Oh Lord won't you hear my cry
I need you in my life

God I tried it on my own
Now I see that I was wrong
But you never left me alone.
With every day my faith grows strong
To you Lord I know I belong
I can't imagine my life without you Lord

Through all the years
And through every tear
I realize it's because of you that I'm still here, so

Oh Lord I don't wanna let you go
I don't wanna lose you, no
Can't make it without you, can't make it without you
I need you
Hey! I can't say goodbye
Lord hear my cry
Lord I need you, Lord I need you oh!

I need you, I need you. [x4]