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​Stout And High

This song is by The Wagoneers and appears on the album Stout & High (1988) and on the album The Essential Wagoneers (2011).

They gave all this land and promised a new start
For we who tried and lost
Now they say they want it back and take it back they will
They say at any cost

Come on Santa Anna
Give us your best try
Come on Santa Anna
These walls are stout and high

One by one, day by day the enemy floods the plains
There must be thousands out there
Colonel Travis talks of help, I hope it's comin' soon
Help is our only prayer

The Sunday dawn burned firery red, degüello cut the air
Look out boys here they come
The more we kill the more there are, the closer that they get
The louder beats the drum

The fightin' at the northern wall seems to have stopped
Did you see Travis fall
God save Texas and my kids, have mercy on my soul
Great God they're in the wall

These walls are stout and high

Written by:

Monte Warden