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You and Your Sister (1989)Edit

  1. Mary Jane
  2. You and Your Sister
  3. Margaret Says
  4. Katie
  5. Drive Somewhere
  6. Decision By the Airport
  7. Change the World All Around
  8. Fallen Down
  9. Hold Me Tight
  10. Cry Real Tears
  11. Drink More Coffee
  12. Street Where You Live

Please Panic (1992)Edit

  1. Don't Mention It
  2. Calling Upstairs
  3. We Can Figure This Out
  4. Fool Me
  5. You Don't Love Me Yet
  6. There's a Family
  7. You're the One
  8. Goodnight, Jean-Marie
  9. I'm Not Stuck On You
  10. Allison Says
  11. Stop Alternating
  12. 23rd of September

Opposite Sex (1996)Edit

  1. When We Walk
  2. Wide Awake
  3. Call Back Instead
  4. In a Station
  5. Traveling
  6. Shake
  7. Heartbeat
  8. In a Minute
  9. Opposite Sex
  10. We Can Walk
  11. Genie Says
  12. Susan Goodnight

Artist Information Edit

Originally founded in 1981 in Gainesville, Florida by art students John Eder and Walter Salas-Humara. Upon their graduation the band was taken over by their English professor, Robert Ray. Ray began collaborating long distance with ex-Gizmos singer/songwriter Dale Lawrence soon thereafter. At the time, Lawrence was fronting a band called Right to Left in Indianapolis, Indiana, with both groups performing the songs co-written by Lawrence and Ray.

When the Vulgar Boatmen's first album, "You and Your Sister" came out to positive reviews, Ray was unable to take the band on tour to promote the album due to his teaching schedule. Instead, Right to Left was rechristened the Vulgar Boatmen, thereby creating two bands with the same name: the Florida branch roughly focusing on studio recording, the Indiana branch focusing on touring.

Group Members Edit

Current Members Edit

  • Dale Lawrence – Guitar, vocals (1989–current)
  • Robert Ray – Guitar, vocals (1989–current)
  • Matt Speake – Guitar (1989–current)
  • PJ Christie - Bass (2007-current)
  • Andy Richards - Drums (1994-current)

Former Members Edit

  • Jake Smith – Bass (1994-2006)
  • Walter Salas-Humara – Guitar, Vocals (1981-1985)
  • Sophia Travis - Keyboards (1996-2006)
  • Janas Hoyt - Backing Vocals (1993-1995)
  • J.D. Foster - Bass (1992-1995)
  • Carey Crane - Guitar, Vocals (1989-2003)
  • Jonathan Kaley-Isley - Drums, Guitar, Organ, Backing Vocals (1989-2003)
  • Helen Kirklin - Viola (1989-2003)
  • Eric Baade - Bass (1989-1994)
  • Kathy Kolata - Viola (1992-2006)
  • Susan Fitzsimmons - Backing Vocals (1989-1993)

Related Artists Edit

  • The Silos (Singer/songwriter Walter Salas-Humara was a founding member of the Vulgar Boatmen but left the band to move to New York.)
  • The Mary Janes (Backing vocalist Janas Hoyt and violist Kathy Kolata started the Mary Janes as a side project while both were in the Vulgar Boatmen.)
  • The Mysteries of Life (Former Vulgar Boatmen bassist Jake Smith fronts this band.)

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