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By Our Brotherhood With Seth

This song is by The Vision Bleak and appears on the album The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey (2007).

Thou, dweller of the nightsky whose voice is thunder and storm,
Thy allies are chaos and glory, thy realm is darkness adorn
Thou, slayer of apophis who died a thousandfold death
Bringer of light - blessing and bane

Six is thy number,
thy name is Seth

Adversary of the onesided
Grant us thy magical will
Great is thy power - ferocious thy wrath
Thy brilliant endeavour - we shall fulfill

Seth Io!
The old typhonic beast
Seth Io!
To thee we are sworn

By our brotherhood with Seth sacred to us
is thy glorious strife!
Patron of rebellion!
The great Horus Eye - it is ours
By our brotherhood!

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