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C.D., Jimmy Jazz and Me

This song is by The Verlaines.

Saw a guy drunk where the people would dance
And men of similarity laugh out of charity
And long-faced women cast to agree
Look sideways and up, and quietly leave
And I cannot hate or despise or deplore
'Cause I've stood and watched from both sides before
I lean on the dance floor
I can't think straight any more

Asked me why I never wrote you a song
When you thought you'd given me enough to work on
And now you find that I've lost my tongue
And I turn my back on the way you get your fun
You don't know what struck me dumb
You're on the run

C.D. Jimmy Jazz and me
Fucked off to Paris to write of the sea
Too much beauty in one foul sweep
And the brilliant sun made me blind on the beach
So I made it back to confusion row
Where encased in four walls my mind could cope
We live in hope

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