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Comasynthesis (2000)Edit

  1. Your Cell
  2. Super Me
  3. Never Happy
  4. Milo 7
  5. Penning the Penultimate
  6. Reverie To Chanticleer

The Great Beast February (2001)Edit

The Great Beast February
The Great Beast February
  1. Naked Girl
  2. Counting Backwards
  3. Mother of Love

Immortality (2001)Edit

  1. Stay With Me
  2. Weddings and Wakes
  3. Heaven
  4. No One Will Ever Love You (cover of "No One Will Ever Love You" by The Magnetic Fields)

Out of the Fierce Parade (2002)Edit

The Velvet Teen - Out of the Fierce Parade
Out of the Fierce Parade
  1. A Special Gift to You
  2. Radiapathy
  3. The Prize Fighter
  4. Red, Like Roses
  5. Caspian Can Wait
  6. Four Story Tantrum
  7. Into the Open
  8. Penning the Penultimate
  9. Your Last Words
  10. Death
    2003 Japan bonus tracks
  11. Naked Girl
  12. Counting Backwards
  13. Mother of Love
  14. Your Cell
  15. Code Red

Elysium (2004)Edit

The Velvet Teen - Elysium
  1. Sartre Ringo
  2. Penicillin (It Doesn't Mean Much)
  3. A Captive Audience
  4. Chimera Obscurant
  5. Poor Celine
  6. Forlorn
  7. We Were Bound (To Bend the Rules)
  8. Untitled
  9. No One Gets the Best of Me (double 10" vinyl limited edition bonus track)

The Velvet Teen & Sin in Space split single (2004)Edit

The Velvet Teen & Sin in Space split single
The Velvet Teen & Sin in Space split single
  1. Code Red
  2. Go! (cover of "Go!" by Tones on Tail)
  3. Extraterrestrial
  4. Do You Love Me Now? (cover of "Do You Love Me Now?" by The Breeders)

Cum Laude! (2006)Edit

The Velvet Teen - Cum Laude!
Cum Laude!
  1. 333
  2. Flicking Clint
  3. Rhodekill
  4. False Profits
  5. Tokyoto
  6. Noi Boi
  7. Spin the Wink
  8. Bloom
  9. Building a Whale
  10. In a Steadman Spray
  11. Around the Roller Rink
  12. Gyzmkid
    Japan bonus tracks
  13. No One Gets the Best of Me
  14. Spin the Wink (Little Cat Remix)
  15. False Profits (Cute Version)

All Is Illusory (2015)Edit

The Velvet Teen - All Is Illusory
All Is Illusory
  1. Sonreo
  2. Eclipses
  3. Manifest
  4. Pecos
  5. All Is Illusory
  6. The Giving In
  7. Church Or State
  8. Taken Over
  9. You Were The First
  10. The Veil Between
  11. Gtra

Additional information

Years active:

2000 - present

Band members:
  • Judah Nagler - Lyrics, Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Bass Keyboards, Synthesizer (2000-present)
  • Casey Deitz - Drums, Vocals (2004-present)
  • Matthew Izen - Guitar (2007-present)
  • Josh Staples - Bass, Vocals (2001-2006, 2009-present)
Former members:
  • Logan Whitehurst - Drums, Percussion, Vocals (2000-2004) (deceased)
Record labels: