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The Used (2002)Edit

Used, The - The Used
The Used
  1. Maybe Memories
  2. The Taste Of Ink
  3. Bulimic
  4. Say Days Ago
  5. Poetic Tragedy
  6. Buried Myself Alive
  7. A Box Full Of Sharp Objects
  8. Blue And Yellow
  9. Greener With The Scenery
  10. Noise And Kisses
  11. On My Own
  12. Pieces Mended
  13. Choke Me

Maybe Memories (2003)Edit

The Used Maybe Memories
Maybe Memories
  1. Maybe Memories (Live)
  2. A Box Full Of Sharp Objects (Live)
  3. On My Own (Live)
  4. Say Days Ago (Live)
  5. Just A Little
  6. It Could Be A Good Excuse
  7. Zero Mechanism
  8. Bulimic (Home Demo)
  9. Alone This Holiday
  10. Sometimes I Just Go For It (Unreleased from Debut)

In Love And Death (2004)Edit

The Used - In Love And Death
In Love And Death
  1. Take It Away
  2. I Caught Fire
  3. Let It Bleed
  4. All That I've Got
  5. Cut Up Angels
  6. Listening
  7. Yesterday's Feelings
  8. Light With A Sharpened Edge
  9. Sound Effects And Overdramatics
  10. Hard To Say
  11. Lunacy Fringe
  12. I'm A Fake
Re-release bonus track
  1. Under Pressure (with My Chemical Romance)

Lies For The Liars (2007)Edit

The Used - Lies For The Liars
Lies For The Liars
  1. The Ripper
  2. Pretty Handsome Awkward
  3. The Bird And The Worm
  4. Earthquake
  5. Hospital
  6. Paralyzed
  7. With Me Tonight
  8. Wake The Dead
  9. Find A Way
  10. Liar Liar (Burn In Hell)
  11. Smother Me
  12. Queso (hidden track)

Shallow Believer (2008)Edit

The Used - Shallow Believer
Shallow Believer
  1. Dark Days
  2. Slit Your Own Throat
  3. Devil Beside You
  4. Into My Web
  5. My Pesticide
  6. Choke Me
  7. Sun Comes Up
  8. Sick Hearts
  9. The Back Of Your Mouth
  10. Tunnel
  11. Pain (bonus track)

Artwork (2009)Edit

The Used - Artwork
  1. Blood On My Hands
  2. Empty With You
  3. Born To Quit
  4. Kissing You Goodbye
  5. Sold My Soul
  6. Watered Down
  7. On The Cross
  8. Come Undone
  9. Meant To Die
  10. The Best Of Me
  11. Men Are All The Same

Vulnerable (2012)Edit

The Used - Vulnerable
  1. I Come Alive
  2. This Fire
  3. Hands And Faces
  4. Put Me Out
  5. Shine
  6. Now That You're Dead
  7. Give Me Love
  8. Moving On
  9. Getting Over You
  10. Kiss It Goodbye
  11. Hurt No One
  12. Together Burning Bright
  13. Machine (Deluxe Edition)
  14. Disaster (Deluxe Edition)
  15. I Come Alive (Acoustic) (Deluxe Edition)

Imaginary Enemy (2014)Edit

The Used - Imaginary Enemy
Imaginary Enemy
  1. Revolution
  2. Cry
  3. El-Oh-Vee-Ee
  4. A Song To Stifle Imperial Progression (A Work In Progress)
  5. Generation Throwaway
  6. Make Believe
  7. Evolution
  8. Imaginary Enemy
  9. Kenna Song
  10. Force Without Violence
  11. Overdose
  12. Red Heart
  13. Money Monster

Songs from Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Non-Album SongsEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Back Of Your Mouth
  2. Blue & Yellow
  3. Box Of Sharp Objects
  4. Fuck Girl
  5. Hurt No More
  6. I'm A Fake (Beginning)
  7. In A Needle
  8. Liar, Liar (Burn In Hell)
  9. Moist Silver
  10. Mosh 'N Church
  11. Noise & Kisses
  12. On The Cross (Save Yourself Mix)
  13. Pieces Mended / Choke Me
  14. Something Safe
  15. Surrender
  16. Taste Of Ink
  17. The Dark Place In My Head
  18. The Lonely

Additional information

Band members:
  • Bert McCracken Wikipedia16 -lead vocals, keyboards, piano (2001-present)
  • Quinn Allman - guitar, vocals, toys (2001-present)
  • Jeph Howard - bass, vocals, fusion (2001-present)
  • Dan Whitesides Wikipedia16 - drums (2006-present)
Former members:
Related artists:
Record labels:

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