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You Put On Airs

This song is by The Upper Crust and appears on the album Once More Into the Breeches (2001).

You Put On Airs - above your station-nah
If you put on airs - you're goin' to lose
And I would stake - a my reputation
Which is not worth - a hill of beans

Well, take a look at your long blonde wavy hair
Just wave to it in the air - Ah-Ooh
I said, lady you're a real cool breeze
You're a real cool breeze

But You Put On Airs - above your station-nuh
You turn you nose up - and you laugh at me
And I don't need that aggravation
'Cause I'm one of your hired-on masters - yearning to be free
You've got so much atmosphere
You've got your head in the clouds I fear
But I'll soon bring you down to your knees
I'll bring you to your knees

Well, don't put on airs - don't spurn my advances
Well you'll never find - another such as I
And when I leave - you're gonna have to take your chances
And now the time - is growing nigh
Cause you keep on a'talkin' a way too loud
Tryin' to move in a different crowd - come on babe
Won't you show me that you really care
That you really care
Don't put on airs
Don't put on airs, now
Don't put on airs, right now!
Don't put on airs

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