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This song is by The Upper Crust and appears on the album Once More Into the Breeches (2001).

Sounds like... Luncheon!
Awwww Luncheon!

Some people got charm
Some people got grace
Some people got a fine figure, you know, they got a beautiful face
But nobody got a'high class - the way that I do
And that's supported by a true fact - that I'll reveal to you
Them motherfuckers got a lunchbox coldcut white bread sandwich they munchin'
Well them people got Lunch
But I got Luncheon!
I want a little Luncheon!

Well some people got a lunch break, but I got all day
Well, they be suckin' on a milkshake
While I be sippin' on a Chardonnay
They might believe that they know the score
What all them little forks and knives are for
But then they're left with unanswered questions
The end result of which is indigestion
And then they got their elbows on the table
And they be reachin' and hunchin'
Well pardon my reach
But I'll take Luncheon!
I want a little Luncheon!

Well I'm takin' my time - I wanna live life right
I wanna take a sip of wine, ever so fine - and savor every bite - Ah!
I wanna linger over every dish - a little fowl and a little fish
I wanna end up on a fine confection - and point my palate in a new direction
So don't you ever, ever, ever, try to blame my health on no formal function
I'm staying right here - until I finish my Luncheon!
I want a have a little Luncheon!
Oh want you gimme some Luncheon!
Come on and get some Luncheon!

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