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Little Rickshaw Boy

This song is by The Upper Crust and appears on the album Let Them Eat Rock (1995).

I arrived in Hong Kong harbor, seems like yesterday
When something occurred I'll remember all the rest of my days
I was there to inspect our bank holdings
As our Far East investment was in danger of folding
And I got myself a Little Rickshaw Boy

I said chop chop to the Little Rickshaw Boy
But he could hardly move, and I became annoyed
As he trembled and looked about to fall
I cursed my luck and as the rickshaw stalled
I said move you nasty Little Rickshaw Boy

The Little Rickshaw Boy looked gravely ill
As he staggered on so slow, I could have killed
I suffered such grave inconvenience
I could hardly be expected to be lenient
Said run you nasty Little Rickshaw Boy

Just as we got to the bank the boy collapsed
In a puddle of mud and filth, he gasped his last
And I stepped over him as he expired
Then I turned around and said, You're fired
You sickly, lazy, Little Rickshaw Boy

You Little Rickshaw Boy!
You Little Rickshaw Boy!
You Little Rickshaw Boy, right now!
You Little Rickshaw Boy-eeee!
You Little Rickshaw...

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