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I Stand Corrected

This song is by The Upper Crust and appears on the album Revenge for Imagined Slights (2009).

I've never been right - I've always been wrong
I've always been mistaken - all the day long
But I Stand Corrected
Corrected's how I stand
And I can feel my mind expand
And now at last I can understand

I made a mistake - but now I can see
Just where I went wrong - and how it should be
And I Stand Corrected
Corrected I shall stay
Until the end of all my days
I see the error of my ways

All my life long - I realized I was wrong
If only I knew - that which I now know to be true

I whistle whilst walking - I sing in the bath
I listen whilst talking - and smile when I laugh
But I Stand Corrected
You need not have no fear
Because, at last, everything is clear
I can't believe for all those years

A veil has been lifted - I saw through a glass
So long had I drifted - but then in a flash
I Stand Corrected
Corrected I'll remain
And I will never be the same
'Cause I'm free from all my chains
And I can feel that eternal flame
With the wisdom I've obtained
And now at last I see it plain

'Cause I Stand Corrected
I Stand Corrected
I Stand Corrected
I Stand Corrected

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