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I'll Be Wintering Elsewhere

This song is by The Upper Crust and appears on the album Delusions of Grandeur (2017).

Well the days are gettin' shorter and the nights are growin' cold
There's people droppin' down dead in the streets - or so I have been told
The situation's dire - somethin' surely must be done
I'll be packin' up my bags right now and headin' for the Sun
'Cause I'll be wintering elsewhere
Maybe the south of France
Take me away to Marseille, man
I need a little romance
Deep in the heart of Texas
Or maybe Timbuktu
'Cause I'll be wintering elsewhere
I bid you all adieu

Well, my dear, I hate to leave you but there simply isn't room
I need the butler and footman, the maid, the servant and the groom
I'll return to you one day bearing all kinds of wondrous things
So darn the love, my pretty baby, and I'll see you in the spring
'Cause I'll be wintering elsewhere
I feel the need to roam
Agranjo would be grand man
I might not ever come home
So, travel with the horses to a trot
Get me away from here
'Cause I'll be wintering elsewhere
I'll see you all next year

'Cause I'll be wintering elsewhere
Gonna sally forth
Make a beeline for warmer climes
And assured to know
Gonna rock you where the sun shines
Sometimes wearin' dawn
Well, I'll be wintering elsewhere
Well, I'm afraid you won't

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