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This song is by The Upper Crust and appears on the album The Decline & Fall of the Upper Crust (1997) and on the live album Entitled (2000).

I'm lordin' it over you, I'm lordin' it over you
I got divine right to rock'n'roll all night,
I said, baby I was born to rule!

Well I'm highfalutin', I've got a footman in livery
I'm like Sir Isaac Newton
Sleepin' underneath the apple tree
Stiff upper lip, nose in the air, chin up old man
Really couldn't care

'Cause I'm highfalutin, and I insist on the very best
Simply in blue cheese and croutons
I wouldn't settle for nothin' less
You say potato, I say potahto, take it to the bridge
And give it everything you got
All right!

I never wanted you to love me!
I never wanted you to - care!

'Cause I'm highfalutin', and you can tell by the way I talk
And there's no disputin'
'Cause I walk that highfalutin' walk
Serve from the left, remove from the right, pour another drink
Because I'm feelin' all right
All right!

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