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Mama I Gotta Brand New Thing (Don't Say No)

This song is by The Undisputed Truth and appears on the album Law Of The Land (1973).

This song has been covered by The Jackson 5 under the title "Mama I Got A Brand New Thing (Don't Say No)".
Sunday morning I heard mama pray
From a room I heard her say
Good Lord help my son find his way
Lord he's just a country boy
He thinks the world is great big toy
And there ain't nothin' he can't do
If he wants to

He got himself a part time job
Saved his money and bought him a guitar
Played from sun up to sundown, hey, hey, hey

He don't wanna go to school no more
Won't do his household chores
But I'm a hit, the neighbors biggest sound

(He's) Got some big ideas
He's talkin' 'bout leavin' here
And going to a place called New York City
Here's what he told me

Mama, I gotta brand new thing don't say no
Let me go
Mama, (Yeah)
Gotta brand new thing don't say no
Let me go

Mama said
My son, my son you're only sixteen
I know being a star is your dream
But I think it's time you stop all this foolin'
And get to your schoolin'

I'm already in a state of frustration
Stop preachin' that education
'Cause this guitar is gonna make me a king
Above everything else, listen
Diamonds from head to toe
First class everywhere we go
Just give me a chance to do my thing

Gotta brand new thing don't say no
Let me go
Gotta brand new thing don't say no
Let me go
I can see it all now

Champagne and caviar
Black chauffeur-driven limousine car
Trips all around the world
And I'll have my choice of any girl
People lined up as far as you can see
Standing in line just to see me
Money piling up to the sky
There ain't nothin' that we can't buy
Have a little faith in me
Mama I'm sure that you will see
That your son and his guitar
Are gonna go far

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