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What Do You Live For

This song is by The Twins and appears on the album Hold On To Your Dreams (1987).

I only have to hear your voice
I run for the exit
Because I know it's leading nowhere
And nothing can fix it

I must admit that I'm surprised
How much I used to sympathize
But now I keep my feelings mine
I don't want to risk it

I've known all along something's going wrong
But the time is right to begin the fight

What do you live for
Why don't you give more
What are you here for
Why don't you care more

I hate the way you sell yourself
You try to impress
The last few years I spent with you
Were far from the best
Your ignorance is not what I mind
But that you show it all the time
Why don't we face up to the truth
That we're in a mess

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