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​Sioux City Swinger

This song is by The Twilight Hours and appears on the album Black Beauty (2016).

First time that I saw you
I was taking some air
Doing Sioux City
Riding any place that I care
Curls come rushing past me
On a beat-around bike
Blue City Swinger
Was a model I liked

Little Sioux City
Swinging in and out of my mind
Maybe we'll be togheter
At the end of all time

The next time that I saw you
I was falling back home
Tumble down to that basement
From a life on my own
You were there painting
Pictures by the water downtown
River came rushing through me
And I had to break down

Can we be together?
Can we ever be together?

Rain down Monday morning
On a bed of old grass
I buried my last connections
To the summertime past
You come rushing to me
Like I never left town
Never was good for nothing
Never let you all down