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Postal Service

This song is by The Turkeys and appears on the album Every Night's the Same (2007).

Letters have been written they were sent a month ago
If you have not received one won't you please let us know
Perhaps there was a mixup at the Post Office just down the road

?? And fastened on the front
Just above the address so you know that you got one
Perhaps there was a mixup and perhaps your letter still might come

You have to understand that these things happen all the time
If not now then later on your letter we might find
It's not a but we do apologize
If we wrecked your day, your month or year I'm sure you will get by

The stamps could have been just 36 cents, that's not enough these days
It's been a long time since we've written a letter anyway
Today everything is email but I realize that's hardly the same

Maybe you went scrolling down the address book and it was missed
Had it ever crossed your mind we might have crossed you off our list?
Be in a war with your nose in the air and therefore ?? was pissed

So it's impossible reasons that we'll never reveal to you
Keep it all in history and you won't have a clue
As I said before these things just happen, yes it's true
And after all the Postal Service, they may still come through

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